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Kim Estes, Bostin Christopher, Kevin T BennettThis message board is for people interested in sharing the six-hour drive from Anchorage to Valdez (and back again) to save money and experience the beautiful wilderness. Generally, this either involves getting a seat in a vehicle that is already traveling in exchange for gas money, or creating a group of people to share the expense of a rental car for the week.

NOTE: As we get closer to the conference, we do get a lot of spam emails that we must filter through, so it may take a few days before your post appears. If you do not see it, don’t hesitate to contact our Webmaster at webmaster AT pwscc DOT edu.

30 thoughts on “Ride & Room Sharing

  1. Hi -

    I’m arriving on the 13th at 6:12 pm and am looking for a ride on Saturday or Sunday. Does anyone have room?


  2. Hello all,

    I’m getting into Anchorage at 1:30pm on the 13th, and would love a ride to Valdez. I’ll need a ride back for an evening flight out of Anchorage on the 21st.

    I’d be able to pitch in for gas. Can anyone help me out?
    Ben Corbett

  3. Dear Conference Attendees, Frank Collison and I are looking to drive up Friday the 12th from Anchorage to Valdez. Is there anyone in anchorage interested in lending us your car to drive up? We have never done the drive, hence getting there a day early. In exchange we would give you our 2 one way tickets from anchorage to Valdez on ERA. You get the car back with full tank of gas when you arrive to Valdez and our eternal gratitude. If you are an actor, you will also get a Skype session with Laura after the conference. Please let us know asap!!! Thank you. Laura

  4. Hi all!
    Happy to be attending the conference for the first time this year!

    I arrive in Anchorage around Noon on Saturday, June 13th and would love a ride to Valdez.

    I also leave from Anchorage at around 9pm on Sunday, June 21st and would love a ride back from Valdez for that.

    I can chip in gas money, buy a drink or two, and conversation of course, often with sarcastic quips.

    Please email me at samanthaj.cooper@gmail.com if you can help me out! Thanks!

  5. Hello all,

    I’m flying into Anchorage at 1:30pm on the 13th, and would love a ride to Valdez. I’ll need a ride back for an evening flight out of Anchorage on the 21st.
    I’d be able to pitch in for gas. Can anyone help me out?

  6. I will be getting into Anchorage at 8:30 PM on Sunday the 14th, driving to Valdez from there. Let me know if you are interested in riding along.

  7. I live in Anchorage and am departing Saturday morning June 13th. Not too early. I will be at the conference all week departing early and back to Anchorage on Sunday the 21st. I am willing to share the ride with up to three other people. I’ll do all the driving as it is a big truck camper. If you are able to share a bit for the gas, even better. Let me know.

    • I wanted to attend the entire conference, trying to lock it up. I could do 20 for gas either or both directions. I have been at the conference more than ten times before. I am in Hollywood now but plan to come back to Alaska the week of the 8th.

    • Hi Tom,

      If you’re still accepting fellow travelers, I’d be happy to chip in for gas. I get into Anchorage late Friday (10:45 p.m.) and I’m happy to leave on Saturday whenever works for you. When you have a moment, send me an e-mail to let me know what you think (dmacgregor77@gmail.com). Thanks!

  8. Anyone interested in sharing a hotel room with two queen beds at the Totem or elsewhere. Girls only, I’m quite & easy going. Like my 8 hours sleep so that I’m fresh for the conference. Email me to discuss

  9. Hi!

    I’m getting into Anchorage on the night of June 12th, hoping for a ride down to Valdez either then, or on Saturday the 13th. Happy to chip for gas, and I shouldn’t need a ride back out – give me a shout if you have extra space in your car?


    • Hi Josh, I’m flying in on Friday, June 12th (arriving around 11PM) and plan to drive to Valdez the following morning in a rental car. Would be happy to have to you along. Please contact me via email so we can coordinate :)

      • Hey do you still have space in your car either on the way there or on the way back. Also are you Persian by any chance? Don’t know how to get your email.

  10. I’ll be driving down from Fairbanks (not Anchorage!) for the entire conference, probably leaving on Saturday, June 13 and coming back Sunday, June 21. Contact me if you’re looking for a ride, or if you’re driving and want to give me a lift.

    • Tom, I plan on driving the same schedule–in Valdez the 13th and out on the 21st. Would be glad to have you aboard.

      • Hi Doreen and Tom,

        I’m booking my flights now and it’s actually cheaper for me to fly into Fairbanks than Anchorage on Friday night. I’d love a ride with you Saturday! I am happy to chip in for gas and food on the way. Please let me know soon if you’re able so that I can get flights settled. I’m at kburke24@gmail.com.

        Thank you! Looking forward to it.
        Kathleen Burke

      • Doreen,
        OK, please shoot me an email. It looks like a third person is looking for a ride as well. One caveat: I plan to bring a bike (very handy in Valdez) and a fair amount of stuff, so need to make sure you have good storage capacity.

  11. Hi! I’m scheduled to arrive at the Anchorage airport on June 12 around 1pm and would love to get a ride to Valdez that day.

    I’m supposed to catch a plane out of Anchorage at 8:26pm on June 21, so would love a ride back then.

    I’m happy to split gas, buy lunch on the road, share some of the driving duty, etc!

    • Hi Jacob–I’m getting into Anchorage at about the same time on June 12 and am leaving late in the evening on June 20. I’m considering renting a car and would be interested in sharing the cost of it. Message me on twitter if you’re interested in chatting it over! (@katekremer)

  12. Below is an example post:

    Hi there, I’m looking for a ride on Wednesday anytime around 1pm to 2pm. If you can help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it. My phone number is 123-100-45600 (or use an email address, but don’t assume you will get the email in time).

    And of course, if you are willing to tip your driver for their trouble or buy them a drink, let them know. It might improve your results.

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