Accepted Plays

The following plays have been invited to be a part of the 2014 Play Lab.

Authors (listed alphabetically)
Greg Aldrich (New York, NY), Beheading Vampire Puppies
Terence Anthony (Los Angeles, CA), Euphrates
Linda Ayres-Frederick (San Francisco, CA), Blizzard at the Mountain Top
Joe Barnes (Houston, TX), Shavetop Mountain
Mike Bencivenga (Astoria, NY), Summer of Fire
Jill Bess (Anchorage, AK), Simple Melody
Linda Billington (Anchorage, AK), A Duct Tale
Chip Bolcik (Thousand Oaks, CA), The World’s Worst Puppeteers
Paul Braverman (Fremont, CA), Pete’s Place
Andrew Joseph Brown (Raymore, MO), The Testicle Testimonies
Charlie Canning (Cumberland Foreside, ME), The Cranial Equity Loan
Joy Cutler (Philadelphia, PA), Nightshift(ing)
Mathilde Dratwa (Brooklyn, NY), Escape from Garden Grove
Christian Ely (North Bergen, NJ), Boss Man
Clint Jefferson Farr (Juneau, AK), The Kindness of Strangers
Bennett Fisher (La Jolla, CA), Campo Maldito
Tim Foley (Sacramento, CA), Best Seller
Siobhan Gilbert (New York, NY), Spotlight
Daniel Guyton (Fayetteville, GA), The Mother of God Visits Hell
Kate Guyton (Fayetteville, GA), Ghosts in the Field
John Hendel (Los Angeles, CA), W.E.A.R.H.O.R.S.E.
Nicholas Walker Herbert (Brooklyn NY), Martyr’s Kiss or Out of Love
Rand Higbee (Hager City, WI), Shaula: Queen of the Universe
Sara Ilyse Jacobson (Charlottesville, VA), Catch The Spider
Arthur M. Jolly (Medford, OR), Mission: Colusa
AJ Knox (San Diego, CA), Pissed
Lisa M. Konoplisky (Chicago, IL), Time Will Tell
Barry Levine (Los Angeles, CA), Scene From a Coffee Shop
David MacGregor (Howell, MI), The Antichrist Cometh
Vince Melocchi (West Hollywood, CA), Nice Things
P. Shane Mitchell (Anchorage AK), Veritas
Tom Moran (Fairbanks AK), God On Our Side
Mark Muro (Anchorage, AK), Nocturne on 166th Street
Michael Parsons (Austin, TX), Sumner Falls
Ron Radice (Andover, MA), Won’t Happen Again
Mollie Ramos (Valdez, AK), Snowmageddon
Dick Reichman (Anchorage, AK), Bruckner’s Last Finale
Barbara Shepherd (Juneau, AK), Ghost Stories
Michael T. Smith (West Lafayette, IN), The Critics
Amy Tofte (Los Angeles, CA), Broken Panda
Karyn Traut (Chapel Hill, NC), The Man He Loves or Italian Sunset
Jaclyn Villano (Austin, TX), The Company We Keep
Catherine Weingarten (New York, NY), Donkin Donuts Themed Life Choices
Ashley Rose Wellman (Benicia, CA), Living Creatures
Antoinette F. Winstead (Universal City, TX), Ivy and the Vine
Kelly Younger (New York, NY), Gerty Pays For It

Alternate Play Selections (These plays will be added to the line-up as slots become available.)
Emily Feldman (La Jolla, CA), Hippocratic Oath Or The Mango Farmer Of Vermont
Tony Pasqualini (Los Angeles, CA), Bleeding Hearts
Michael Skidmore (New York, NY), His and Hers