Accepted Plays

The following plays have been invited to be a part of the 2015 Play Lab.

Authors (listed alphabetically)
Helen Banner (New York, NY), Soldier Love
Joe Barnes (Houston, TX), Footnotes
Anne Bertram (Minneapolis, MN), It’s All Good
Jill Bess (Anchorage, AK), The Frenchman and the Dutchman, a Love Story
Sharai Bohannon (Lubbock, TX), Turndown Service
Tim Bohn (Jonesboro, AR), Clean to the Bone
Paul Braverman (Fremont, CA), No Good Deed
James Harmon Brown (Los Angeles, CA), Close Your Eyes
Andrew Joseph Brown (Kansas City, MO), The Choice Is Yours
James E. Burnside (Austin, TX), The Small Platoon
Daniels Calvin (Fairbanks, AK), That’s What I Told Her
Eoin Carney (Pittsburgh, PA), Fall From Grace
Samantha Charlip (Brooklyn, NY), Futurama
Samantha Cooper (New York, NY), These Mistakes
Alison Crane (Astoria, NY), Coyote Katie’s Return
Joy Cutler (Philadelphia, PA), The Daisy Chain Reaction
Meagan Daine (North Hollywood, CA), And Know That I Am God
Richard Davis Jr. (Augusta, GA), Class of 2004ever!
Thomas Ian Doyle (Melbourne, Australia), RIOT
Merridawn Duckler (Portland, OR), Origin Story
C.J. Ehrlich (Chappaqua, NY), Zane to Gate 69
Theresa Giacopasi (Iowa City, IA), Hunting BigFoot
Maximillian Gill (Sunnyside, NY), For Helen’s Sake
Cody Goulder (Phoenix, AZ), Iron Justice
Wendy Graf (Los Angeles, CA), All American Girl
Kody James Grassett (Winter Park, FL), The Woods
Erik Christian Hanson (Monroe, CT), Polish the Turd
Nicholas Walker Herbert (Brooklyn, NY), Killing Grandma
Rand Higbee (Hager City, WI), Johnny Shoemaker
Gail High (Anchorage, AK), One Cop Out
Donna Hoke (East Amherst, NY), Brilliant Works of Art
Arthur Holden (Westmount, Quebec), Battered
Arthur M. Jolly (Los Angeles, CA), Straw, Sticks, Brick
Jacob Juntunen (Carbondale, IL), Hath Taken Away
Julie Kanter (Clarendon Hills, IL), Strangers
Sylvia Khoury (New York, NY), An Inferno
Kate Dakota Kremer (Rock Island, IL), Porch Play
Judith Leora (New York, NY), The Cookie Fight
Barry Levine (Los Angeles, CA), Scene From A Rock Tour
Mildred Inez Lewis (Inglewood, CA), the end of the everything
Tess Light (Los Alamos, NM), To Conceive Gods
David MacGregor (Howell, MI), Smoker
Grace Melon (Oak Park, IL), Concealer
Kyra Meyer (Valdez, AK), Tree Forts
Howard Meyer (Poughkeepsie, NY), Paint Made Flesh
Tom Moran (Fairbanks, AK), OK Computer
Nahal Navidar (Los Angeles, CA), Songs of Our Childhood
Tony Pasqualini (Los Angeles, CA), Land of the Free
John Perovich (Surprise, AZ), be my little baby
Thomas Pierce (Seattle, WA), Blue Lagoon
Adam Seidel (Chicago, IL), American Outlaws
Glyka Stoiou (Athens, Greece), Don Quixotes
Donna Stuccio (Brewerton, NY), Twas the Christmas Eve 9:02 to Soulmateville
Amy Tofte (Los Angeles, CA), The Scrambling Class
Karyn Traut (Chapel Hill, NC), Love Thy Enemy
Ali Viterbi (New York, NY), Quick, Change
Stephanie Alison Walker (Los Angeles, CA), The Sister House
Donna Warfield (Delray Beach, FL), Disney Day
Catherine Weingarten (Athens, OH), Are You Ready to Get PAMPERED!?
Ashley Rose Wellman (Los Angeles, CA), That Long Damn Dark
Carolynne Wilcox (Seattle, WA), Mean Spirited

For more information, call Conference Coordinator Dawson Moore at 907-834-1614 or e-mail