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Early check-in is limited to two days before the conference begins (5/19/2013) and the last day of occupancy is one day after the conference ends (5/26/2013). Guests wishing to extend their stay beyond these dates will be subject to regular conference housing rates which may be found at PWSCC Conference Services Guest Housing.

Unless otherwise specified by the Last Frontier Theatre Conference coordinator, sleeping accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Beds and cots may be reserved at an additional cost. At this time, all available beds and cots have been reserved. Payment is due upon check-in. Supply is limited. Contact PWSCC Housing Manager at (907) 834-1634 with any questions.

Individual linens or towels are not included with Last Frontier Theatre Conference reservations. Linen packs (which include a towel, washcloth, fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket, pillow, and pillowcase) may be reserved at an additional cost of $15.00. Payment is due upon check-in. Supply is limited. Contact PWSCC Housing Manager at (907) 834-1634 with any questions.

I wish to reserve a linen pack for the duration of my stay at an additional cost of $15.00

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Terms and Conditions — Last Frontier Theatre Conference

  1. Availability: Rooms and apartments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The PWSCC Housing Manager will work closely with the Last Frontier Theatre Conference Coordinator to accommodate requests as best as possible in the order in which they are received.
  2. Placements: PWSCC student housing is available to students year-round, limiting the availability of guest rentals during the summer. Placements are made on a first-come, first-served basis and will be made based on date of receipt so long as space permits. In the event that your request cannot be accommodated, you will be contacted by either the PWSCC Housing Manager or the Last Frontier Theatre Conference Coordinator.
  3. Payment: The cost of your reservation is included with the registration fee for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. The cost of bed or cot reservations or linen pack reservations are the responsibility of the individual and may be paid prior to arrival by contacting the PWSCC Housing Manager or can be made at check-in.
  4. Housekeeping and Linens: No housekeeping service is available for occupied units. Linens are not provided with Last Frontier Theatre Conference reservations, but may be rented at an additional cost. One linen pack, available for an additional fee of $15.00 includes (1) pillow with pillowcase, (1) blanket, (1) set of sheets, (1) towel, and (1) washcloth. You may launder your own linens during your stay or you may exchange sheets and towels at the Student Services Front Desk for $5.00. Guests may be charged cleaning fees if units are left exceptionally dirty upon checkout.
  5. Laundry: There are communal laundry facilities located in each residence hall with coin-operated machines. Costs are $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry. There are no change dispensers on site.
  6. Smoking: There is no smoking allowed inside any residence hall or apartment. Those caught smoking inside a building may be subject to a $250 fine. Smokers must stand at least 20 feet from building entrances while smoking.
  7. Alcohol: There is no alcohol allowed inside any residence hall or apartment. Alcohol may not be consumed on campus. Guests found providing alcohol to minors (under the age of 21) will be reported to local law enforcement. Alcohol policies are strictly enforced.
  8. Phone Service: Each apartment has a phone. Local calls are free. Long distance calls will require a calling card.
  9. Internet: Free wireless internet access is available throughout the residence halls.
  10. Children: Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay in PWSCC Student Housing as a part of the Last Frontier Theatre Conference.
  11. Keys & Security: Guests are responsible for lost keys and may be charged replacement costs. To maintain security of the facilities, guests are asked not to provide keys to unregistered guests. Apartment doors lock automatically when closed for security reasons. Exterior doors to the residence halls are locked at all times, and guests are asked not to prop them open. 24-hour assistance is available for lockouts and any other safety or security concerns. Firearms and dangerous weapons are not permitted on college property.
  12. Amenities: To preserve low operating costs and to maintain affordable short-term rates, amenities are limited. Toilet paper is provided, and additional rolls may be requested from Student Services (not included for extended term reservations). Apartments are fully furnished and include full kitchens, but cookware and dinnerware is not provided. Limited kitchenware kits may be available for rent. There is shuttle service available from the airport.
  13. Confirmation: Email confirmation of your request will be sent once reservation is confirmed.

Any Questions or Concerns about Last Frontier Theatre Conference Housing should be directed to the Conference Coordinator at (907) 834-1614 or the PWSCC Housing Manager at (907) 834-1634. You may also email tchousing AT pwscc DOT edu

All guests of PWSCC Housing agree to indemnify and hold harmless Prince William Sound Community College, its officers, employees and agents from any and all liability, loss, damage, costs and all other claims for expenses asserted against the College which arises from injuries to person or property occasioned by attendance at or participation in the conference or stay. All personal belongings of housing guests are their own responsibility and are not covered by College insurance.

Agreement to Reservation Terms

(required) I have read and understand the PWSCC Conference Housing and Summer Guest Services policies and understand that violation of these policies could result in intervention by PWSCC staff and possible termination of your guest housing agreement and consequent removal from PWSCC housing premises.

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Prince William Sound Community College &
Last Frontier Theatre Conference Contact Information

Ronnie Houchin
Prince William Community College Housing Manager
(907) 834-1634

Dawson Moore
Last Frontier Theatre Conference Coordinator
(907) 834-1614