Monologue Workshop

Henry Weaver, Laura Gardner, Frank Collison

The Monologue Workshop features pieces written by playwrights participating in the Play Lab. Attending actors are given access to a database of new monologues, then have the opportunity to work with Frank Collison, Rob Lecrone, and Laura Gardner in individual sessions at the Conference; Ben Corbett serves as vocal coach. The pieces are then presented on the final Saturday of the event.

There are no separate submissions for the Monologue Workshop. Pieces are solicited yearly from writers presenting in the Play Lab.

The following one-page document tells actors exactly what they should do to prepare for working on a monologue; it was created by Laura Gardner.

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Looking for new monologues? Why not buy a copy of the first collection of material available from the Conference’s Monologue Workshop? Well, because it’s out of print, but the next time we put one out, you’ll know to get it before it’s gone.
Monologues from The Last Frontier Theatre Conference: Best of 2009 - 2012

Below is a giant database of monologues from past year’s of the Monologue Workshop. Great place to find your next great audition piece. 

Men’s Monologues
Women’s Monologues
Either Gender Monologues