Monologue Workshop

Henry Weaver, Laura Gardner, Frank Collison

The Monologue Workshop features pieces written by playwrights participating in the Play Lab. Attending actors are given access to a database of new monologues, then have the opportunity to work with Frank Collison and Laura Gardner in individual sessions at the Conference. The pieces are then presented on the final Saturday of the event.

There are no separate submissions for the Monologue Workshop. Pieces are solicited yearly from writers presenting in the Play Lab.

The following one-page document tells actors exactly what they should do to prepare for working on a monologue; it was created by Laura Gardner.

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Monologues for this year’s Workshop are listed below, with links to pdf documents with the monologues in them. Ones that are crossed off already have two people working on them (the maximum).

2016 Women’s Monologues (Age Range)

Penny Jackson's Big Girl (16-18)
Jill Bess' McKenzie (18)
Ashley Rose Wellman's Some Hot Tragic Dead Thing (late teens to early 20s)
Sean David DeMers' Chiaroscura (20s)
Amanda Hill's Flowers (20s)
Julia Lederer's With Love and a Major Organ (28)
Kira Rockwell's The Taboo Imagination of a Woman (25-35)
Amy Tofte's The Scrambling Class (late 20s to 30s)
Staci Swedeen's Who Can You Trust? (25-50)
Rand Higbee's Morning Farm Report (30)
Daniels Calvin's Someone Else's Fairytale (30+)
Lisa Kimball's The Coffee Conversations (30s)
Eoin Carney's Repentance (30s)
Jake Arky's Julie (36)
MT Cozzola's Popup Kid (30s to 40s)
MT Cozzola's Popup Kid 2 (30s to 40s)
Tom Moran's Safety Briefing (30s to 50s)
Staci Swedeen's Racing Down the Road (30s to 60s)
Steven Hunt's Morton's Fork (38)
Lisa Konoplisky's My Brother David (40+)
Tony Pasqualini's Birdbrain (45+)
Andréa J. Onstad's There Ain't No Time... (middle-aged)
Joe Barnes' Closing Doors (40s to 50s)
Joe Barnes' The Harder Death (40s to 50s)
Glyka Stoiou's Leonarda Cianciulli (40s to 50s)
Kate Rich's Accumulation (50s)
Ivan Rodden's Fiona Mae (late 50s)
Julia Lederer's With Love and a Major Organ 2 (59)
Nicholas Walker Herbert's Black Holes (any age)
Daniels Calvin's Katie vs. Carrie Underwood (any age)

2016 Men’s Monologues (Age Range)

Amanda Hill's One (18)
Penny Jackson's My First Science Experiment (20s)
Amy Tofte's The Scrambling Class (20s)
Rand Higbee's The Raise (late 20s)
Ashley Rose Wellman's Willed Bodies (20s to 30s)
Tony Pasqualini's Birdbrain (late 20s to early 40s)
Jake Arky's Nails (30s)
Holly Hepp-Galvan's Charles Cherm (30s)
Nicholas Walker Herbert's Autograph Table (30s+)
Lisa Kimball's The Coffee Man (30s to 40s)
Tom Moran's Foam Cheese Hats (30s to 40s)
Kate Rich's Grief in the Brightwater (40s)
Dawson Moore's The Gun in Saint Margaret's Basement 1 (44)
Dawson Moore's The Gun in Saint Margaret's Basement 2 (44)
Holly Hepp-Galvan's Telling Elsa (middle-aged)
Eoin Carney's Ad Hoc 1864 (any age)
Dick Reichman's The Interview (55+)

2016 Either-Gender Monologues (Age Range)

David Hansen's Thou Hadst One Job (any age)
Linda Ayres-Frederick's What Really Bugs Me (any age)
Linda Ayres-Frederick's Grandp Was Shouting (any age)
Barry Levine's Shit Happened (any age)
Rand Higbee's The Lost Kitten (25)
Andréa J. Onstad's Me, I Wanted to Be a Ballplayer (30+)
Lois Simenson's Welcome Aboard (20s to 40s)


Looking for new monologues? Why not buy a copy of the first collection of material available from the Conference’s Monologue Workshop?
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