Play Lab

The following plays have been invited to present in the 2019 Play Lab:

Anna Lynn Baker, Exist to Exist (San Francisco CA)

Tom David Barna, Sun Go Down (Encino CA)

Joe Barnes, Monsters (Houston TX)

Hannah Benitez, Gray Mare (New York NY)

Linda Billington, The Children in the Ice (Anchorage AK)

Lydia Blaisdell, DEATH MATCH: Queen vs. Queen (Brooklyn NY)

Paul Braverman, Captive Audition (Fremont CA)

Darcy Parker Bruce, The Place That Made You (Quaker CT)

Ryan M Bultrowicz, A Cold Blue Place (Leesburg VA)

Danny Cahill, Skylar Grace (Burlington CT)

Tracy Carns, The Dissolve (New York NY

Joy Cutler, Cathy the Great (Philadelphia PA)

Sean David DeMers, Little Blue Pill (Bronx NY)

Peter Filichia, The Whole World (New York NY)

Timothy J. Foley, Hack 1974 (Sacramento NY)

Anna Fox, Sitting Causes Cancer and Other Modern Tragedies (West Hollywood CA)

Angelica Howland and Michelle Gardner, You, Me & Adam Levine (Phoenix AZ and Los Angeles CA)

Katherine Glover, Sex, War, & Syphylis (Minneapolis MN)

Michael Griffo, Can Dina Even Spell Afghanistan? (Secaucus NJ)

Joe Gulla, Reel Wood (Bronx NY)

Lynne Halliday, Room 324 (New York NY)

Elin Hampton, Tear Down (Encino CA)

Taylor Hatch, In Park (New York NY)

Aren Haun, Parallax (Universal City TX)

Rand Higbee, Tales of the Monkey King (Hager City WI)

Mead K. Hunter, Tranche de Vie (Portland OR)

Ward Kay, Three Times a Lady (Vienna VA)

Prisca Jebet Kendagor, Seven and Ten (Kansas City MO)

Lisa M. Konoplisky, Dog Park (Madison WI)

Elliot Kreloff, The Dog Died (New York NY)

April Littlejohn, Playing Boyfriends (Mission CA)

Antoinette Martin-Hanson, Life Can Be A Dream (Tempe AZ)

Clem Martini, The Extinction Therapist (Calgary, Alberta)

Kate Mickere, A Banshee Killed My Boyfriend (North Hollywood CA)

Joanna Castle Miller, The Storehouse (Los Angeles CA)

Brandon Monokian, fragments of a boy (Ocean City NJ)

Tom Moran, Life Support (Fairbanks AK)

Ivan Mosley, Evelyn & His Brothers (Greensboro NC)

AR Nicholas, MsRememberment and the 6000 Years (Portland OR)

Dianne Nora, Notes on Arrival and Departure (Oak Park IL)

Tommy Partl, Private Message (Vancouver BC)

Anya Pearson, The Killing Fields (Portland OR)

John Perovich, mother | father (Phoenix AZ)

Kristen Ritter, Nefarious (Anchorage AK)

Greg Romero, Bulldozers (Austin TX)

Nan Gatewood Satter, Yalu River (New Paltz NY)

Adam Seidel, California (New York NY)

Patrick Shaw, Watchers (Austin TX)

Emma Sheanshang, The Claim (Brooklyn NY)

Andrea Kay Staats, omg we ate a guy! (Yonkers NY)

Gina Stevenson, The Colony (New York NY)

Donna Stuccio, Midnight at the Black Diamond Trestle (Syracuse NY)

Kyle Walker, The Otterman (Valdez AK)

Ashley Rose Wellman, Wine Teeth (West Hollywood CA)

Piper Werle, Bettie Page in the Modern Age (Seattle WA)

Kevin Michael Wesson, No Surprises (Chicago IL)

Philip Middleton Williams, A Moment of Clarity (Palmetto Bay FL)

Antoinette Winstead, Tulsa 1921 (Universal City TX)

Luke Yankee, The Lavender Mafia (Long Beach CA)

Erica Zephir, Pain no more, god speed (Tampa FL)

DESCRIPTION: The Play Lab, started in 1995, features developmental readings of scripts from 20 minutes to 2 hours in length. Actors are sent scripts a month prior to the Conference. The readings receive one rehearsal the day before their performance, with the playwright acting as the director. The readings are then responded to by a three-person panel, and the audience gives their feedback as well. Additionally, authors have a private meeting with one of their panelists to further discuss the script.

Currently the Lab presents readings of 50-60 plays per year. Panelists include nationally acknowledged playwrights, director, designers, and dramaturgs, as well as some of the leading figures in Alaska’s theatre.

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