Ten-Minute Play Slam

The Ten-Minute Play Slam pieces chosen for the 2024 Conference

  • Erin Dietsche’s Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
  • Seth McNeill’s we’re all athletes
  • Dante Medema’s Kismet
  • Tom Moran’s The Tenting
  • Michael C. O’Day’s An Audience of One

The performance will be Saturday, June 15th, 2:30-3:30 PM. It is directed by Jay Stevens.

The Ten-Minute Play Slam was started in 2007 as a way of furthering the Conference’s ongoing mission to provide as many opportunities for our participating playwrights as possible.


2019 – Directed by Carrie Yanagawa
  • Paul Braverman’s Stuck in the Middle
  • Sean DeMers’ In a Forest on Mars
  • Joanna Castle Miller’s The Being Heard Academy
  • Tom Moran’s Remainders
  • Philip Middleton Williams’ Ask Me Anything
  • Jan Pobst’s Road Trip
2018 – Directed by Carrie Yanagawa
  • Rand Higbee’s Oh, no! I Flew Too Close to the Sun! 
  • Joanna Castle Miller’s The World’s Next Tooth Fairy Is Marci Peterson
  • Mary Portser’s So Lovely Here On Earth
  • Jan Probst’s Jill and Jack
  • Jacob Marx Rice’s Active Shooter
  • Andrea Staats’ Round One
2017 – Directed by Carrie Yanagawa
  • Chip Bolcik’s Expecting Hamilton
  • Derek Gray’s Sons Become Fathers
  • Joanna Castle Miller’s Parasites
  • Tobin Wheeler’s To Give Up On Heaven
  • Daniels Calvin’s Logorrhea
  • Tom Moran’s I, Phone
2016 – Directed by Carrie Yanagawa
  • Joe Barnes’ Roommates
  • Chip Bolcik’s Suit Yourself
  • Eoin Carney’s Eurekas
  • Nicholas Walker Herbert’s Funeral for a Pet
  • Andrea Staats’ Progress
  • Staci Swedeen’s Rattlesnake Canyon
2015 – Directed by Carrie Yanagawa
  • Jill Bess’ The Ransom
  • Nicholas Walker Herbert’s Autograph Table
  • Tony Pasqualini’s In the Dark
  • Thomas Pierce’s Almost Connect…
  • Amy Tofte’s Not About the Money
  • Carolynne Wilcox’s Fate Demands It
The Ransom 4Almost Connect 4

In the Dark 3Autograph Table 1

2014 – Directed by Carrie Yanagawa
  • Paul Braverman’s United We Stand
  • Daniel Guyton’s Death of a Snowman
  • Rand Higbee’s Moon in a Barrel
  • David MacGregor’s New Year’s Eve
  • Tom Moran’s WYWH
  • Kelly Younger’s Let’s Get Physical
Leslie Powell's BackfireCort Brinkerhoff's Cort's Play
Nicholas Walker Herbert's Kiss with a FistKelly Younger's Mandate
2013 – Directed by Janice L. Goldberg
  • Cort Brinkerhoff’s Cort’s Play
  • Eoin Carney’s Fork in Road
  • Joy Cutler’s The Craving
  • Alexandra D’Italia’s The Fix Up
  • Nicholas Walker Herbert’s Kiss with a Fist
  • Nathaniel Lachenmeyer’s Birds of a Feather
  • Leslie Powell’s Backfire
  • Kelly Younger’s Mandate
Kevin Armento’s The Very Important Talk Every Father Fears the Most reading at the 2012 LFTC.Joe Barnes’ Even Steven reading at the 2012 LFTC.
Dennis Schebetta’s Dog Park or Sexual Perversity in Magnuson reading at the 2012 LFTC.Matt Benedict’s Discoveries reading at the 2012 LFTC.
2012 – Directed by Mark Lutwak
  • Kevin Armento’s The Very Important Talk Every Father Fears the Most
  • Phillip Dallmann’s The Smerjigan
  • F. Brett Cox’s They Got Louie
  • David Clark’s A Deck of Cards
  • Rachel White’s Chelsea Faces Machine
  • Joe Barnes’ Even Steven
  • Jeanne Beckwith’s Doll Hospital
  • Dennis Schebetta’s Dog Park or Sexual Perversity in Magnuson
  • Matt Benedict’s Discoveries
2011 – Directed by Mark Lutwak
  • Rand Higbee’s The Music That Dares Not Speak Its Name
  • Scott Tobin’s The Washington Post
  • Antoinette Winstead’s The Birthday Surprise
  • Joe Barnes’ The Boy With No Nose
  • Nick Mazzuca’s Wild Dark
  • Raegan Payne’s Sweet Nothings
  • Arlitia Jones’ The Children of Light
  • Kevin Armento’s Breeders
2010 – Directed by Jayne Wenger
  • Joe Barnes’ Inventory of Effects
  • Francine Dick’s Down Memory Lane
  • Reginald Edmund’s Everyone Respects Big E
  • David Guaspari’s Roger and Juliet
  • Arlitia Jones’ Tornado
  • Geoff Kirsch’s Shipwrecked
  • Tom Moran’s Duo
  • Laura Neubauer’s Catch of the Day
  • Schatzie Schaefers’ Wednesdays & Saturdays
  • Amy Tofte’s The Course We Set
2009 – Directed by Mark Lutwak
  • Joe Barnes’ The Workshop
  • Paul Brynner’s Grocery List
  • Damon Chua’s Text Me
  • Rand Higbee’s The Last Ballgame
  • Arlitia Jones’ The Empirical Eskimo
  • Tom Moran’s Roadkill
  • Mollie Ramos’ Finding Our Way Back
  • Schatzie Schaefers’ Ancient Chinese Secret
  • Judd Lear Silverman’s Ancestors of Telemarketing
2008 – Directed by Mark Lutwak
  • Joe Barnes’ The Prick
  • Jessica Chisum’s Promenade
  • Damon Chua’s Dogs are Evil
  • Christine Emmert’s Raft of the Medusa – Post Modern
  • Arlitia Jones’ Another Big Hollywood Ending
  • Lia Romeo’s Last Call
  • George Sapio’s Putt-Putt
  • Nick Stokes’ The Chore
  • James Venhaus’ Three Kings
2007 – Directed by Daniel Irvine, Mark Lutwak, and Michael Warren Powell
  • Stuart M. Harris’ Samuel and Salkow
  • John Levine’s The Whale Stays in the Picture
  • John Kaiser’s Somebody Please
  • Ruth Kirschner’s Spotlight
  • JC Samuels’ Chameleon
  • Deborah Chava Singer’s Sweet Night, Last Morning
  • Jonathan Wallace’s “‘Caitlynn‘, by Helen Langley,” by Kate Imbruglio
  • Justin Warner’s Parent Interview
  • Antoinette F. Winstead’s The Meeting